Magaly Morino

Magaly leads operations at Boomware, managing everything behind the scenes from budget planning to our daily finances, to contracts, to overall team logistics. One of her core roles is to design efficient internal systems to support our team and allow them to focus on building and running fast.

Anthony Leud

Anthony Leud joined Boomware in 2010. He currently provides really cool ideas to Boomware’s Projects and make them true by coding in the most beautiful way. His experience as a gamer and the knowledge earned at ISIL and USIL gave him a «gamer vision» that helps our games to become awesome.

Carlos Villena

Carlos Villena is the Founder and CEO of Boomware Technologies, which he started from his dorm room in 2009. During the company’s early years, Carlos works at developer, designer, and support representative for the entire Boomware Proyects, allowing for it to be a stable business from the outset.