Cinema Panic

Jane or Brad, as chosen by the user are young entrepreneurs and movie lovers. They realized their dream by opening their own cinema! They have an assistant: Mark, the lazy and distracted ticket seller who always have to be monitored that he do his job properly. Initially the cinema has basic services: popcorn and soda machine. Everyday is challenged to get the minimum daily sales. They need your help for this! You´ll guide the attention and control the cinema. It´s your task to buy new services, machines, products and movies with the daily money you´ll get. Players should attend quickly and efficiently as the visitor´s patience has a limit..the more you delay, the lesser you´ll get. It´s also important to get the most quantity of movies. The more movies you´ll show, the more clients you´ll get. The movies you buy are displayed in the movie listings, some of them will give you extra help since this influence the behavior of the clients.