Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I download the game?

Cafe Panic can be downloaded from Google Play for Android, App Store for IOS, and Amazon Store.

App Store

Google Play

Amazon Store

Does my phone support the game?

Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Android and Amazon
Requires Android 4.4 and up

Ads won’t load/don’t get the reward

This depends on the ad provider in charge of keeping their system working correctly. This is a known problem and we are working for mistakes like this to never happen.

Will the PC/Facebook version receive support?

The Web and Facebook Cafe Panic will no longer receive support and updates. The game will only be working on mobile phones for Android or IOS operating systems.

The game takes a lot of time to download.

This depends on the services of Amazon, Google, or Apple. Sometimes their services are failing, but usually trying to download again solves the problem. Also, check for a strong internet connection.

Mobile phones with Ads keep crashing.

If you are experiencing crashing issues on your Android device, here is how you can resolve them:

  • Go to your Google Play Store app
  • Search for Android System WebView
  • Select “Update”
  • Repeat the same steps for Google Chrome
Don’t see the option to watch ads.

The watch Ads option is not always available. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

How do I share photos?

Cafe Panic gives the player the option to share screenshots. The screens that can be shared are Finished level score: When you complete a level. New recipe learned: Each time you learn a new recipe. Coffee shop completed: When you complete the 40 levels of a coffee shop. Obtained all-stars: When you get 120 stars from a coffee shop. PVP win: When you win a PvP battle against another player. PVP ranking: The PvP podium with the top 3 players of the week. For all the options, a camera icon has been added and all you need to do is click it to save the image or share it.

What can I do on the settings screen?

Here you can control the music, sound, and notifications. Also, rate the game and connect to your Google Play or Game Center account. On the side buttons, you can access our social media, list of achievements, and game news.

I invited a friend and didn’t receive the reward

The Invite a friend reward is received once the invited friend downloads the game and plays up to at least level 10. Once you receive your reward, invite more friends and receive better rewards.


What’s the use for coins?

Coins are the game’s primary type of currency. They can be used to unlock new coffee shops and machine upgrades.

How do I get more coins?

You can get more coins by buying coin packs in the store, playing coffee shop levels, picking up the chests, participating in in-game events, or in the gachapon.

What’s the use for gems?

Gems are the second main type of currency in the game. They are a more exclusive currency and are used to unlock special event coffee shops, play the gachapon, and upgrade machines in the coffee shops.

How do I get more gems?

You can get gems by completing any level with 3 stars, also by buying gem packs in the store or lucky cups.

Can I get free gems?

Yes, you can get free gems by playing the gachapon, watching ads, the coffee shop minigame, or during special events.

What’s the use for supplies?

Supplies are the third main type of currency. The supplies are used to play levels. Each level has a cost of 10 supplies.

How do I get more supplies?

You can receive more supplies by completing any level with 2 or more stars. Another way to get supplies is by waiting some time for them to replenish. Finally, you can also buy supplies packs at the game store.

What happens when I don’t have enough supplies?

The player won’t be able to play coffee shop levels. The player will have to get supplies by waiting or buying them.

How do the coin chests work?

Every coffee shop has a chest that accumulates coins. You can pick them up one by one when they are full or watch an ad to pick them all and double the amount. The more you upgrade the decoration of your coffee shop, the more coins you will receive.

Super dishes

How does the Pantry work?

The Pantry is a place where the player stores their spices. The spices can be obtained in the gachapon, the lucky cups, or during events. Spices are the main ingredients to prepare super dishes and each super dish requires a specific type of spices. You can leave the super dishes preparing while the game is closed and use super dishes in the normal levels or in the PvP mode.

What are the benefits of using super recipes?

When you serve a super dish to a customer, they will leave extra tips guaranteed. This extra tip should help at a difficult level, to finally obtain a third star or win a PvP battle.

PvP mode

How does the PvP Mode work?

The PvP is unlocked at level 30 of every coffee shop. Here you can compete against other players to find out who’s the better cook. Every win gives the player PvP Tokens that can be used to unlock outfits. There is a weekly leaderboard that shows the top 20 players.

What are the Golden tickets?

The Golden tickets are a PvP exclusive item. You can use the tickets to play the PvP mode and earn double the amount of PvP tokens for each win. You can get them at the gachapon, lucky cups, or special events.

Benefits of being Top 3?

There is a leaderboard for the PvP mode where the top 20 weekly players are shown. The top 3 players receive chests with prizes and are shown on a video on our social media.

What are the boosters?

Boosters are special abilities that can be used during the PvP mode. There are 4 types of boosters with different functions that help the player get an advantage during PvP battles.

  • Freeze: Freezes the combo clock so you can stack up the multiplier.
  • Cookie: Fills all the customer’s patience bar.
  • Drone: A drone that completes all orders.
  • Speed boots: The player moves and cooks super fast for a brief time.
How do you get boosters?

Boosters can be bought in the PvP main screen above the character. Boosters can also be obtained during special events.


How do the combos work?

Every time you complete a customer’s order, a multiplier is triggered, with a countdown. As long as you keep serving customers before the counter ends, another multiplier will be added. So like: 2x, 3x, 4x… This will give you 2, 3, 4… additional coins.

Combo 2x, 3x, 4x . . .
How do you get boosters?

Boosters can be bought in the PvP main screen above the character. Boosters can also be obtained during special events.

How do I open a new coffee shop?

It depends on the type of coffee shop you are trying to open. Normal coffee shops can be opened using coins. The special event coffee shops can only be opened using gems.

Should I upgrade my character or my coffee shop?

It depends on what the player prefers. Both types of upgrades will help the player on beating the levels. The only difference between both is that the coffee shop upgrades stay on the coffee shop and the player upgrades can be taken to any other coffee shop.

Do I need to get all 3 stars in every level?

There is no need to get all 3 stars in every level, but the more stars the player gets, the more rewards they receive. Also, if the player completes a coffee shop with all-stars, will receive a special title for completing the achievement.

What is the Gachapon and how do I play more time?

The gachapon is a machine system where the player can win random prizes. For every spin, the player will have to use gems.

I serve all the clients and won’t get 3 stars. What am I doing wrong?

Serving all the clients won’t guarantee you get 3 stars. Some levels will require the player to keep a good combo multiplier or even use super recipes to get 3 stars.

Will I get coins on levels already cleared?

Yes, you will receive the coins of levels you have already completed, but you won’t receive again the star prizes.

How does the customer mood works?

Customers have different types of moods. Depending on that, they will have more or less patience waiting for their orders. We recommend attending to the angry customers first as they are more likely to leave if the player is too slow.

What happens if both of my hands are full?

If both of your hands are full, you will have to give one dish to a customer if it’s part of his order or throw one dish into the trash so you can free one hand.

How does the combo system work?

The combo system activates when you serve various orders quickly and consecutively. You need to keep serving orders in time to keep the combo ranking up. The combo will multiply the number of tips you receive from orders and help you achieve higher scores.

What happens if I forget how to prepare a dish?

If the player forgets a recipe while playing, there is a cookbook button at the top of the screen that will pause the game and show every recipe learned at that specific coffee shop and the step by step on how to prepare it.

Saving progress

How do I save my game progress?

The progress of your game is saved directly into the player account. For Android players, it’s saved on the Google Play account, and for IOS players on the Game Center account.

Can I delete my game progress?

The progress of the player can’t be deleted. If the player wants to start from zero all over again, they need to create and play with a new Google Play or Game Center account.

Changed phone/deleted game and I don’t have my game progress.

If you change your phone or delete the game, you can still access your game progress by signing in to your Google Play or Gamecenter accounts.

Skills points

What are skill points?

Skill points are certain characteristics the player can upgrade. These are:

  • Speed: The player moves faster.
  • Cooking: The player cooks faster.
  • Charm: The patience of the customers depletes slower.
  • Tips: The customers give more tips to the player
How do I add skill points to my character?

The skill points can only be bought for gems and the player can have up to 14 skill points for each skill.

In-game Store

What can I buy at the game store?

Players can buy gem packs, coin packs, supply packs, lucky cups, and outfits for the character. Inside each coffee shop, machine upgrades can also be bought.

How do I get legacy outfits?

Legacy outfits will not be sold at the shop. They may return to the game during special events and for a limited time only.

Unable to make purchases?

Check your internet connection. For purchases, the player must have a strong internet connection. Also, check if your Google Play or App Store account is connected properly.

What happens if a purchase doesn’t show up?

Check your internet connection and restart the device. If this doesn’t work, contact the support team with the receipt of the purchase.

Game events

How often do special events occur?

Events don’t have confirmed dates. They usually appear during big global events. All the announcements of the special events will the published on our social media.

All the special events are the same?

Every event is unique. There are events with new coffee shops, events full of prizes with a golden pass, events with special shop offers, and other surprises.

What are event tokens?

Event tokens are a special currency for events, usually received by players for playing new coffee shops or completing different missions. They are used to be exchanged for special prizes during the event time.

Can I access past event coffee shops?

If you unlocked the event coffee shop, then you can access it anytime you want by selecting the season. If you didn’t unlock the coffee shop, you can still unlock it with gems.