Sea Eater

Your task is quite simple, you need to eat more fish in order to become big and that you are not being eaten from a larger fish, it means that you have to eat only fish that are a little bigger than you, because if you approach the fish that is much bigger than you then you will be eaten so pay attention. Avoid large fish, as soon as they see you they will go to you in order to eat you, on your way to the finish you will run on a variety of boosters that give you the speed, power, and more other stuff. This game is very fun, exciting and challenging, everyone will like it, especially the fans of fishing games. We wish you great fun and good luck in this fantastic game. Remember, try to eat as much more fish as possible without being eaten. Make the highest score, play with friends, compete with each other in this incredible and exciting fishing game! Good luck!
Instructions: W-Swim A-Turn left D-turn right P-Pause